This is a gallery to show some of my photo manipulations in natural art media styles - most pictures are made with a combination of cloning brushes of one sort or another in Corel Painter and Photoshop, and by-eye, freehand digital painting. Wherever possible, each treated photograph is shown with the starting photo below it. The pages may be a little slow to load if you don't have a fast broadband connection but I have opted for larger sized images so that you can see some of the detail - there is little point in a website devoted to images if you can't see them properly.
To see the pictures, just click an 'Artwork' page link on the left and then any of the small pictures on the page that follows. This takes you to the full size image and original photograph. You can get back to any Artwork page by clicking one of the Artwork links on the top of a main image page. I found it interesting assembling the original photographs; some of the manipulations are more effective than others, and in some cases I prefer the original photograph! Though I would really like to use only photos I have taken myself, I can't get to all the places I'd like to visit and I'm very grateful to friends and family who let me use photos they have taken; I have acknowledged them in footnotes.
Watercolour has been my main interest and digital picture making is a relatively new adventure. I am trying to achieve naturalistic looking painterly images, through photo manipulation of a photograph using a digital tablet and pen tool with hand brushstrokes. My love for watercolour continues, and I am still keen to produce convincing, loose watercolour simulations through a mix of photo manipulation and digital hand-painting - though various media are represented in the images, including a few of my real watercolours. These are all shown in the Artwork pages; the content of these pages is broadly -
New Artwork - - pictures I have made in the last month or so
Artwork 1 - - scenes of Venice
Artwork 2 - - pictures of flowers and other still lifes
Artwork 3 - - people and portraits
Artwork 4 - - places and some animals
Artwork 5 - - my first digital pictures
Artwork 6 - - in the style of comic book art
Artwork 7 - - specifically oils and acrylics
Artwork 8 - - pen, pencil and etching
Artwork on paper - - a few of my traditional watercolours on paper
On each of these pages there are thumbnail versions of the manipulated images - just click on the thumbnail to see the larger image. On most image pages there is the manipulated image and the original photo below it.
On the technical side, I list the software and hardware I use in the 'Equipment' link.  I use different techniques and experiment all the time.  All the pictures I make now use a lot of hand brushing with a pen tool and digital tablet and with some use of filters and plugins.  At the moment I use two main approaches to simulating watercolours: first is to simplify an image a bit with buZZ software, and then work on it in Photoshop with custom brushes.  The second approach is broadly the technique, or a permutation of it, for converting photos into watercolours set out in the 'How to Wow, Photoshop for Photography' by Jack Davis and Ben Willmore, which is all, or nearly all, done in Photoshop again with custom brushes and pattern overlays.  So far, I have found Painter 11 best for oil simulations using a range of my own customised brushes and the good canvas textures available in that program; decent watercolour simulations using Painter still elude me. Photoshop CS5 has introduced new bristle and Mixer brushes which make possible more realistic brushing effects in that software. Visitors interested in the sort of photo manipulation I am doing should have a look at some of the websites listed on my 'Art Links' page.  Lots of ideas and inspiration there. Towards the bottom of that page are also the Tutorials and Demonstrations I am developing.
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