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About David Cole

David has been making pictures for many years and in the past has focused on transparent watercolour.  He exhibited twice in exhibitions of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 1972 and 1974 held in The Mall Galleries, London.

15 years ago he became interested in make pictures using a computer and has specialised in creating natural media painting simulations, particularly watercolours.  This process is a form of digital photo manipulation, or photo painting, that uses colour from a photo which has been , prepared as necessary, applied by hand with custom brushes.

He lives in London


David produced a book on natural media simulation for ILEX press which was published in the UK and USA - Complete Digital Painting Techniques - in 2010.  The book shows how to achieve many traditional natural media effects using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

He also contributed 3 articles to Corel's Painter magazine, one of which, on colour clone painting, is a continuing tutorial on Corel Painter's website. He contributed 17 monthly articles with tutorials on traditional media simulation using photographs to the national magazine - Practical Photoshop. A number of images used in these articles are reproduced in the portfolios.

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