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Homebuilt pc - Intel CPU 3770K cooled by a BeQuiet Shadow Rock Pro SR1 fan and heatsink; an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard; 32Gb Crucial DDR memory; a Crucial 256Gb SSD for the OS and programs, and an Intel X25-M G2 160Gb SSD for the Photoshop Scratch disk; x2 Samsung 512Gb 840 Pro SSDs for data; an Asus GTX660 graphics card; Pioneer Blu-Ray SATA Disc rewriter. I use a Corsair Obsidian 550D case fitted with a Corsair AX 860W power supply. The case is cooled by x3 S-Series M12-S2 Noiseblocker fans.

NEC Spectraview Reference PA271W 27" monitor (wide colour gamut) calibrated with NEC Spectraview II software and an I1 Display Pro calibration puck; x2 external Western Digital 3TB HDDs with a SATA QuickPort USB3 docking station; Wacom Intuos5 6"x8" digital tablet (non touch version); Canon 5D Mark II dslr; Sony RX100 compact digital camera; and a Panasonic LX100. I print on an Epson R2400 inkjet, and a 1400 for less demanding work.

I have a SteelSeries Rival 310 wired mouse which I combine with a SteelSeries mat

I also use a Dell XPS 15 (9550) laptop with 32 Gb ram memory.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, Corel Painter 2020, Topaz, LandscapePro Studio 3 and Film Tools filters.  The basic process is to make essential corrections to a photo, like straightening, and then simplify the detail selectively, recolour as necessary, and then choose a tool to paint from the photo on to a blank canvas (layer).

Custom Sargent and Artist Oils brushes are the main brushes used in Painter, and the Pattern Stamp Tool, Mixer Brush, and Art History Brush tool the principal brushing tools used in Photoshop.  Hand painting is made in Photoshop with various customised brush presets.  Canvas and paper textures in Photoshop are added either in the brush or afterwards as a pattern, or with a filter..


Some contemporary artists I admire. These links take you to their websites:

Ad Van Bokhoven

Craig Mullins

Marc Taro Holmes

Richard Noble

Alastair Adams

Tai Shen Schierenberg