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I have split my natural media digital painting and drawing simulations into three collections of various media types.  The oils and acrylics were mainly made in Corel Painter with the Artist Oils and Sargent brushes, with a few being created in Photoshop with the Mixer Brush. The watercolours were all made in Photoshop with either the Art History brush or Pattern Stamp Tool, and gouache treatments were made in Photoshop and in Painter. The mixed media images were made in both programs with the line drawings all done in Photoshop.


The images are all a mixture of colour clone and hand brushing.  None are made with any automated painting program. Where would be the fun in that? The photographs on which the collected images are based are used for my pictures with the permission of the copyright owners.   

Click on the i icon to see information about an image's creation.

Oil and Acrylic
Watercolour and Gouache
Other Media
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